Barcelona, February

Week 35

19/02/18 – 25/02/18 It’s Monday and once again the sky is grey and depressing. I barely got any sleep last night because I was feeling so unwell so I’m not feeling very energised today. My motivation for this week is going home on Thursday. Once again, thanks to Siobhan for surprising us with tickets at… Continue reading Week 35

Barcelona, February

Week 34

12/02/18 – 18/02/18 Our Monday didn’t start off too well as we woke up to the pouring rain (again). The bus then drove past us so Marty made us run after it. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the door closed as we tried to get on and the driver ignored Marty as he stood banging… Continue reading Week 34

Barcelona, January

Week 33

05/02/18 – 11/02/18 As if Mondays aren’t bad enough, today there is a thunderstorm. The sky is literally black and it is pouring with rain. Everyone screams and runs to the window when the weather is like this here. A bit like when the sun comes out in Belfast. It has rained all day and… Continue reading Week 33

La Vida Loca

The Versatile Blogger Award

This blog is a little bit different, as I have been nominated for my first ever award – The Versatile Blogger Award! I was nominated by my very kind and friendly fellow blogger, The Average Aspirant. You should check out her blog; she is so inspiring and motivating! So for this award I have to… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

Barcelona, January

Week 32

29/01/18 – 04/02/18 Monday is hitting me like a ton of bricks. The only time I can relax and distress is after dinner, when I’m in my room with the door closed. I’ve given up on asking my mentor for help but my University are completely aware of the situation. So I’m trying not to… Continue reading Week 32