Barcelona, January

Week 33

05/02/18 – 11/02/18

As if Mondays aren’t bad enough, today there is a thunderstorm. The sky is literally black and it is pouring with rain. Everyone screams and runs to the window when the weather is like this here. A bit like when the sun comes out in Belfast. It has rained all day and I am really looking forward to my bed. It is now Tuesday and the weather hasn’t changed much since yesterday. I’m afraid we won’t be able to go running tonight. Oh no! My colleague reassured me that Barcelona is not usually like this in February and I’m now starting to get the impression that the world is ending.

It’s now Wednesday and the sun is out again (though it is absolutely freezing). I feel pretty bad today as we didn’t go for a run last night. Marty had assumed that because it was raining in the morning, it would be raining all day and he therefore put the idea of a run out of his head. He almost had a heart attack when I mentioned it on the bus home. As he wasn’t “mentally prepared” for it, we decided to go and get a huge bucket of chips with cheese and rosa sauce instead. I hate myself. As for the run – it’s been rescheduled until Friday. (Weather permitting).

I met with my team lead today to talk about my assignment, during which she informed me that HR can’t give me access to any information that isn’t on the company website. This has left me very stressed as I’m not sure if I can complete it without company data and research. I have emailed my module supervisor for her advice and to check if I can change my topic. (Even though I’ve already started it). Thursday 8th February (tomorrow) marks the first day of the Barcelona Carnaval celebrations. This is basically a week of partying until Ash Wednesday, when Lent starts. During the week there will be a number of events, parades etc all over the city so we’re hoping to attend some as it looks amazing!

On Thursday night we made quesadillas for dinner and then headed out in the freezing cold to Lidl. Our flat mate had told us that they had an Asian theme this week and he had got some naan bread for 69 cents. (Naan bread is like gold dust here and I love me some naan bread). Of course when we got there it was sold out and we left with every single thing apart from naan bread. I video called my Daddy when we got home, during which he informed me that Ornagh (my sister) doesn’t read the blogs. Feeling slightly hurt and offended, I asked her about it and she said she has read most of them and only reads them if they appear to her. Therefore, I am using this as bait to try and catch her out. Feel free to let me know if you see this Ornagh, you little snake.

We did our usual weekly shopping on Friday night, before relaxing and watching some TV. We had planned weeks ago that we would go to Montserrat this weekend, so we got up early on Saturday morning to get the 11:30am train. The train took just over one hour, and you could see the huge mountain in the distance during the journey. The train leaves you at the bottom of the mountain, where you have to take a (very steep) cable car to the top. Warning – if you’re afraid of heights, take a bus up or something and save yourself the stress. After the 5 minute cable car ride, we sat on a very cold bench and ate the lunch we had prepared. At the top there is a museum, some shops and of course the Montserrat Monastery. The views were absolutely breathtaking; we could even see the snowy tops of the Andorra mountains!

We found a path and decided to walk along a trail around the ridge of the mountain. Along the walls were pictures of saints and holy figures decorated with flowers. We had intended to go up higher into the mountain, but of course there was a dead end on this trail. At the end however, was a cave filled with huge icicles hanging down. After taking a million Snapchats of the icicles, we headed back towards the monastery to find an actual hiking trail. The trail we found was going to take 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete so we decided that we would do some of it or we would be there all week. Our decision was deeply regretted when we realised it was all steps to the top. After about 15 minutes we collapsed on a rock and decided to sunbathe before heading back down again. We walked around the monastery and took some more pictures before heading back down to get the train home.

There were some events on across the city for Carnaval but we were both exhausted from our hiking so we decided to stay in and relax. In the evening we went to Pizza Circus for a slice (or 2) of pizza before heading back to rest our sore little legs. The exercise was obviously too much for Marty, who went to sleep at 11pm. Therefore I decided to watch The Vow, which resulted in crying myself to sleep. Sunday was the definition of a “lazy Sunday”. Basically we watched a lot of TV, slept and ate. We had dinner at about 6pm and Marty went out to get us our Sunday ice cream at Dino’s next door. We watched the final dramatic episode of The Fall, so now we’re on the search for a new crime series to start. Any suggestions? The weekends always fly in but it only means one thing – another week is over.




4 thoughts on “Week 33”

  1. Hugely funny becs, loved it. As for a new drama to watch, have u seen homeland? Scandal is very good too


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