Barcelona, January

Week 32

29/01/18 – 04/02/18

Monday is hitting me like a ton of bricks. The only time I can relax and distress is after dinner, when I’m in my room with the door closed. I’ve given up on asking my mentor for help but my University are completely aware of the situation. So I’m trying not to let her bother me. It’s extremely difficult, but I’m trying to not let anyone bother me and focus on myself and the countdown until I finish. My Mummy tagged me in a post on Facebook the other day about how your worries now won’t matter in a year. What’s even better for me is that in 8 weeks, all of my worries and stresses of today will be gone. It’s hard to imagine now but I am so excited to have all of this weight lifted off my shoulders.

On Monday afternoon I met with my manager so that we could discuss my assignment and any resources that I will need. Today is Tuesday and I finally met with both my manager and my mentor to discuss my questionnaire. It went well but unfortunately this should have happened months ago and I feel as though it’s too late to start making changes now when I have 2 months left. It’s the 31st of January and I am extremely happy today because this stupid month is finally ending! As of tomorrow I can say that I am moving home “next month”. I can’t believe it. It’s finally Thursday 1st February – this week has just flown in and in 3 weeks we will be heading home again for the weekend: are we ever not home?

In my spare time I have been looking at cars, phones, apartments/houses and I’ve even applied for a few jobs. I passed the first stage of one of them and had to do an online test last night which felt like GCSE maths all over again. (If you know me well enough, you won’t have high hopes). We paid our last rent last night as March will be taken from the deposit. What a relief! I phoned my Granda on Thursday night to explain an email that I had sent him during the day. When I was younger, he used to make Christmas and birthday cards using a software called Hallmark Card Studio. He literally made them for everyone; each with their own personal touch. He mentioned to me a few weeks ago that he wanted to start making them again but the software wasn’t compatible with Windows 10. Of course, I went on the hunt for the latest version and ordered it for his birthday. I ordered it yesterday because I didn’t realise it was a download rather than a hard copy, so he has it 2 weeks early. Nevertheless, he was over the moon and my Granny said it was the best present I could have got him.

On Friday night we did our shopping, made dinner and watched hours of episodes of The Fall. We started it last week and I really wish I had of watched it when it was on TV because we are both addicted now and are almost finished the whole thing. We got a well deserved lie-in on Saturday morning, before getting up and heading to Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre in the afternoon. This is the only place I can get veggie ham and jalapeños, so this is how we spent our Saturday. The shopping centre was absolutely packed and reminded me of why no one likes to go shopping at the weekend. There’s nothing we hate more than cooking on a Saturday night, so we ventured into El Raval as I had found a place on Trip Advisor that we wanted to try. Pizza Circus is a tiny pizza takeaway where you can get huge slices for just €2. The place was packed inside, so we stood on the street munching away. We took a walk through El Gótico, where we stopped at Chocolate Box for a waffle/crepe. When our bellies were finally full, we headed home through El Born and watched some more of The Fall.

We woke up on Sunday morning to the sound of lashing rain. Nevertheless, we had planned to go to the museum so we got ready and headed out into the storm. By the time we got to the museum we were absolutely freezing and soaked to the skin. We didn’t expect it to be busy but of course with our luck, there was a huge queue and thousands of children running everywhere. It was the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, therefore all Caixa Bank customers got free entry. Marty (of course) is one of those people, so I stood there with my €4 ready and just a tinge of jealousy. The receptionist just stared at me before informing me that I was free too, as Caixa customers can bring up to 5 people for free – happy days! After struggling to get through the revolving gate (imagine Donkey from Shrek), we were finally inside the museum. It has 5 floors, with a winding path from the top to the bottom. It reminded me of W5 in Belfast, which brought back some childhood memories.

It was very interactive, with lots of experiments and demonstrations. Marty spent the whole time huffing because the kids were in the way and he couldn’t get to play with anything. God forbid. The one thing I really wanted to see was the ecosystem – in a huge greenhouse filled with plants, trees, fish and birds. My inner geographer was ecstatic. We hadn’t eaten all day so we decided to get some lunch at the museum café before heading back out into the torrential rain. We spent the remainder of the evening relaxing and I video-called Ornagh as I was in need of some sisterly bonding. It was a lovely weekend and the perfect end to week 32. Week 33 – come at us!



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  1. How did youse have trouble getting through the revolving gate-thought he’d started losing some weight 🤔

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