Barcelona, January

Week 31

22/01/18 – 28/01/18

After the pizza nightmare last night, I feel surprisingly alert. I have some questionnaires that I need to fill out and send back to Uni; one of which needs to be completed by my mentor. I came across this quote on a blog and it was very motivating for a Monday morning: “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” I think it’s very fitting and has removed my Monday blues a little bit. It is now 4pm on Monday afternoon and although the day has went by very quickly, I’m starting to crash. If I yawn one more time I think I’ll swallow the computer screen. It’s Tuesday and my little Sebastian has his MOT tonight. Hoping and praying that he passes like he usually does because I’m sick of him draining my bank account, especially when I’m not even using him.

Today my mentor and I had planned to do the questionnaire together at 4pm. After my nerves building up all day, she told me at 4:05pm that she was too busy and we needed to reschedule for tomorrow. I just don’t understand why she was given this role. I am so angry because I worked myself up about it and couldn’t wait to get it out of the way. I have made notes of all the issues I’ve had with her and I know for a fact my visitor from uni will run for the hills when he sees it. It is now Wednesday morning and I’m feeling fine after our run last night. Marty even suggested going for 2 a week – is he feeling alright? Sebastian passed his MOT last night, which was music to my ears.

So, I have a little secret that I’ve been keeping since I was home for Christmas. My friend Gemma accidently let it slip that Marty’s parents, Siobhan and David, were going to be surprising us in January. I let Siobhan know that I knew as it would be easier to arrange the surprise. Currently, Marty thinks that his Uncle is coming on Friday and we’re going for dinner when really it’s his parents. I don’t know how I’ve kept it quiet for this long but I’m so excited to see his face when he sees them! It’s Thursday so it’s exactly 4 weeks today until we go home for the weekend in February. On Thursday night I had a meltdown. I think January has broke me as a person. Before I left work, my mentor proceeded to give me work as I was leaving AND rescheduled the questionnaire again. My patience had worn out and I had to sleep and cry after dinner to avoid punching a wall. Because of my nap, I couldn’t sleep at normal time so I decided to read the “The Secret to Health” chapter of my favourite book, The Secret. I woke up this morning feeling positive and stress free and so far I have remained fairly calm.

I started to grow anxious on Friday as it got closer and closer to the surprise visit from Marty’s parents. As far as he was concerned, he was meeting his Uncle for dinner at our favourite pizzeria. On the walk over to the restaurant, I started to get giddy and pretended I was nervous about having dinner with his Uncle (while texting his Mummy with an update of where we were). We entered the restaurant and Marty spotted them right away and was absolutely speechless – he genuinely had no idea! After a beautiful meal, we headed to Milk Bar & Bistro for a few cocktails and even made some new Irish friends. Siobhan informed us that she had kindly booked us in on Saturday night at their hotel which we were obviously very excited about!

We met up with Siobhan and David on Saturday afternoon and had brunch at a little place near the beach called Delicamon. After a walk along the beach and marina, we stopped at a chiringuito for a drink. We checked into Hotel & Spa Villa Olímpic@ Suites at 4pm and received the key for our amazing room for the night. We also received a free day pass to the spa, so we got ready and headed down as Siobhan and David were waiting for us there. They told us that they had walked past reception but of course when we did, we were stopped and had to join the queue. The (rude) receptionist then informed us that the spa was fully booked and we weren’t able to use it. After a phone call with David (who let us know that they were the only 2 people in the spa), we rejoined the queue and asked if we could use the gym instead. (Which was conveniently on the way to the spa). Our bad luck didn’t deceive us on this occasion as the receptionist followed us into the gym and showed us how to use everything. How kind of her.

So here we were, lifting weights and running on treadmills until she was out of sight and we could sneak down to the spa. Just as we were relaxing in the jacuzzi, an angry receptionist appeared and was telling people off for not wearing their (very appealing) swimming caps. That was when she spotted us and started an argument with Marty in the middle of the spa. I was mortified. In the end, she was in the wrong as we were given free passes for that day and the “big group” that had booked weren’t arriving until later that day. She finally backed down after Siobhan asked for a manager and gave us a whole 40 minutes to spend. After all the drama, we definitely needed to relax so we spent our 40 minutes in the pool, sauna and steam room. We had Indian for dinner at Gandhi’s before having a drink at an Irish bar called Scobie’s.

Sunday was a beautiful day so we walked along the marina and over to Marémagnum shopping centre, where we got tickets for the Barcelona vs Alaves match. We then headed to Flaherty’s Irish Bar where we relaxed before ordering some dinner. At around 7:15pm, we took a very busy metro to the Camp Nou stadium, where thousands of people were piling in through the gates. We got relatively good seats, but it was absolutely freezing. At half time we got some popcorn, hot dogs and alcohol free beer (they don’t sell alcohol) and tried to warm our hands up before the second half. It was my first Barcelona match and I actually really enjoyed it, giving Marty my professional opinions throughout it. The match ended 2-1 to Barcelona, which was the perfect way to finish the weekend. We had a wonderful weekend with great company; only 3 weeks until we see them again.



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