Barcelona, December

Week 27


25/12/17 – 31/01/17

We all got up relatively early on Christmas morning and got ready to go to my Auntie Paula’s house as we do every year. Santa was very good to all of us this year – clothes, makeup, skincare, jewellery, everything! And best of all – he even paid for my MOT in January. We also got spoiled by the rest of our family – with money, pajamas and a The Little Mermaid wine glass! We had our dinner at around 3pm and it was amazing as usual. Marty came down after dinner to exchange our presents together. He spoiled me as usual – makeup, makeup brushes, a brand new Olivia Burton watch and a trip to Disneyland Paris next year. We will have to fit that in with Amsterdam, which I bought for Marty. We’ve clocked up so many airmiles this past year!

On Christmas night we went to our Grandparents house like every year and gossipped until my Granny was in too much pain and needed to lie down. When we came home, we put some nibbles in the oven and played a new game we got this year – 5 second rule. If you didn’t have anxiety before playing the game, you definitely did after it. On Boxing Day, we got ready and went to my Auntie Joanne’s house for dinner. I had started feeling sick on Sunday night and it was progressively getting worse (just my luck), so I wasn’t in the best mood. We had a beautiful dinner then the whole family got together to play 5 second rule. It’s safe to say it caused some tensions. We came home around 8pm as I was desperately needing my pajamas and a cup of tea.

On Wednesday morning we were all starving so Marty and I went to a local bakery to get some sausage rolls, sausage roll baps and cream buns. (As if we hadn’t eaten enough already). Myself, my Mummy, my brother and Marty then decided to go shopping at Junction One outlet centre. I treated myself to some Adidas bottoms and a pair of Nike trainers, because I deserved it. My Mummy then bought us all a Starbucks as a little after shopping treat. In the evening, my Daddy helped me set up The Sims 4 in my bedroom, and I played it until bed time like a big child. I had my doctor’s appointment on Thursday before going into town with my Mummy. I got a few bits and pieces, including a ploughman’s sandwich from Boots which I had been craving for 6 months. When we got home, I drove to my Nana and Papa’s house for a visit, before visiting my Granny and Granda.

My Granda requested that I mention this little story in the blog. It was half 3 in the morning and he heard my Granny shouting for him from her room. Obviously he panicked and jumped out of bed and when he opened the door, my Granny was standing in the hall. By some miracle, she had managed to get out of bed, put her slippers on and find her walker, all in the dark. My Granda thought he was dreaming and still can’t get over it nearly a week later. My friend Gemma picked me up in the evening and we went to McDonald’s for a catch up, watching the 16 year olds walk past in their shorts and streaky fake tan. (Teenagers don’t feel the cold in Belfast).

On Friday afternoon, Ornagh and I went shopping and called into Nandos to stuff our faces. (Again). We picked Marty up and got ready to go to a local Irish bar called the Felon’s. Our friend Madeline came up to my house and we headed out about 9pm and met Marty’s friends down there. We had a great night despite someone asking me if I was wearing my dressing gown (it was a fluffy pink coat). Surprisingly, I wasn’t offended and I even let her feel it. The night got even more magical when it started snowing. That was until we tried to get a taxi to Marty’s house, which is in the country. After standing in the snow for an hour, Marty’s Daddy came to the rescue after 2am. As my feet were defrosting and I was sighing with relief, the car got stuck in the snow. Marty and David both took turns pushing the car, while other cars kindly drove past without acknowledging us. We finally got home at about 3am and Marty threw up everywhere, blaming the running and pushing. Not the 5 double vodkas and Red Bulls.

I met my friend Ayisha for lunch on Saturday afternoon at our favourite restaurant French Village. We hadn’t been since our exams so I was really craving a mozarella and pesto panini. I came home and relaxed for a while before getting picked up by the McMahon’s at half 7 to go and get MORE FOOD. We went to Gastronomy, Siobhan’s friend’s restaurant. I had planned to get something small, but ended up ordering a vegetable risotto. We then headed back to Marty’s for a while before he got too tired and had to leave me home. On Sunday, Marty picked me up and we went to Asda and then to visit both of our Grandparents. I then spent the remainder of the evening eating and spending time with my wee family.

After 6 months on a rollercoaster of emotions, it was amazing to get home and spend some quality time with my family and friends. I know that leaving will be emotional, but we have our trip in February to break it up, then there’s only 4 weeks until we’re home for good. I love the freedom of being at home. I can see my friends and family when I want, drive my car, shop at a bigger variety of shops and so much more. Unfortunately the majority of my time in Barcelona has felt like a prison sentence, and I can’t wait to move home on the 30th of March and have my life back again. This is the final countdown, and after being home for over a week, I’m looking forward to it even more. It was an absolutely amazing week and I enjoyed every minute of it.



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