Week 17

   16/10/17 – 22/10/17 It’s Monday again and I’m struggling to stay awake as 1. I’m exhausted from that busy weekend and 2. the aircon isn’t on. The tail end of Hurricane Ophelia is currently hitting the South of Ireland, making its way up to the North. All I want right now is to be… Continue reading Week 17

Barcelona, October

Week 16

09/10/17 – 15/10/17 It’s ‘World Mental Health Day’ and I have seen some amazing posts and pictures all over the internet. My post on anxiety and depression is my most read blog post, which just shows how relatable and popular the topic is.  Unfortunately for me, my mental health wasn’t taken seriously by my University… Continue reading Week 16


Week 15

  02/10/17 – 08/10/17 Monday afternoon wisdom: surrounding yourself with the right people. Throughout my adolescence, I’ve continuously surrounded myself with the wrong people. It is crucial for your mental health, to be involved with people that support you and bring out the best in you. Toxic relationships with people won’t do anything for you,… Continue reading Week 15