Week 7



06/08/17 – 13/08/17

This week ended perfectly as my sister flew over for her birthday along with my aunt. Ornagh and I are very close; we have a lot in common and I can rely on her for everything. In fact, when I met up with them after work on Friday evening it didn’t even feel as though I had been apart from her. (That’s probably because I stalk her on FaceTime 2-3 times a week). Nevertheless, it was great to see some familiar faces after 7 challenging weeks.

On Friday night (her birthday), we went to a pizza place near our apartment called Reina Margherita. My aunt was (slightly) tipsy, so she ordered the lobster and spent the whole meal regretting her decision and frantically wondering how much it was going to cost. Ornagh, myself and Marty got pizza and it was nice but nothing beats Il Mercante di Venezia. The service was great until they asked us to leave because they needed the table, while we were still finishing our drinks. Needless to say, my aunt sipped her drink extra slowly after that and we decided that we most likely won’t be back. After dinner, we walked along the marina, gazing at all the wonderful yachts we’ll never be able to afford, whilst stepping over sheet after sheet of fake Nike shoes and stolen key rings.

We met for breakfast on Saturday morning in a little café called Chocolat Box. Their pastries and café con leche are insane and relatively cheap (hence why I paid). We then took the metro to Diagonal Mar, a huge shopping centre with every store and service you could dream of. Ornagh was in her element with shops like Sephora, Stradivarius, Bershka, to name but a few. After lunch, we hopped on the metro to La Sagrada Familia; a must-see for any of our visitors. We had a well deserved pit stop at a little bar facing the magnificent architecture, before getting the metro once again, to Passeig de Gracia.

After walking 26,000 steps (Samsung Health, I didn’t just make it up), we headed back to rest our feet and get ready for dinner. We ate at Bernie’s Diner, an American Diner in the Gothic Quarter. Marty and I had been before so we knew that both the food and service were relatively good. After we had filled our bellies for the one millionth time, we walked to La Rambla to get the metro to watch the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. This was the second time Marty and I had seen it but it was just as fascinating, and just as crazy busy. On the way back to their hotel, we visited Chocolat Box again, this time for ice cream. It did not disappoint. I had a cone with Kinder Bueno flavoured ice cream; Ornagh had a tub of pistachio (her favourite) and Marty had cookies and cream (so adventurous).  We headed back to their hotel to play some cards and stayed for a sneaky sleepover on the floor, which happened to be the most comfortable sleep we’ve had since we got here.

On Sunday morning we went for breakfast in Chocolat Box for a third time (that’s how good it is), before heading to the beach. Peak time in Barcelona is not fun. There are way too many people. The beach was overflowing with people and the streets are frustratingly packed. I never thought I would say this, but is it winter yet? For dinner, Marty had chosen Flaherty’s Irish Bar as they serve a Sunday roast dinner complete with meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy. It was devastating to see his face when they told him they had run out of roast for the day. The food was excellent but the service was slow and the staff weren’t overly friendly. That being said, we will be back Sunday after Sunday until Marty gets his potatoes and gravy. We chilled at their hotel for a while after dinner and tried not to address the huge elephant in the room which was the goodbye. I’m getting teary eyed even writing this. However, I need to remind myself that ‘’it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.’’


4 thoughts on “Week 7”

  1. Awww love this blogging, have never read anyone’s blog before and now I can read all about what youse get up to as keep imagining Martin sitting on his back side all the time 🤣


  2. And you also need to remind your self that your seeing your wee brother in just over a week


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