La Vida Loca

Relate to Me

Hi there! I’m Rebecca and I study International Business and Spanish at Queen’s University Belfast. I’m in my third year of University, which is a placement abroad. I’ve been living in sunny Barcelona since the 26th June 2017 and I will be here until the beginning of April 2018. This is a personal blog about my interests and experiences (good and bad, past and ongoing).

I loved reading and writing as a child. Then, as I got older, my hobbies became “uncool” and I turned my attention to a variety of embarrassing yet slightly non regrettable phases. But I’m at the age now in which I’m understanding who I am, especially since I arrived in Barcelona.

Everyone has their demons, some people are open about them, others prefer to keep their private life well, private. Anyone close to me will know that I’m not an overly private person and more often than not, I give waaay too much detail. In other words, I hear “too much information Rebecca” a lot. But that’s just me. There are a number of topics I plan to cover throughout my blogging journey; some may be one offs and others, reoccurring. These include:

  • Vegetarianism,
  • Anxiety and Depression,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Family,
  • Beauty,
  • Bella (my dog),
  • Positivity,
  • And of course, Barcelona.

These are some of the main topics of my life, so if you can relate to any of them/have similar interests, or you’re just a bit nosy, subscribe and you can join me on my adventure!



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